Photo - Wide Eyed Studios

Photo - Wide Eyed Studios

Upcoming Projects

Donna Orbits the Moon by Ian August at Tiny Dynamite - Oct 2 - 13, 2019
Donna Orbits the Moon is a disarmingly funny, utterly surprising, and ultimately profound journey through motherhood, trauma, reclamation, the Mall of America, and maybe even a space walk with Buzz Aldrin. More info here

A Hundred Words for Snow by Tatty Hennessy at Inis Nua Theatre - February 2020  
When 15-year-old Rory’s geography teacher father dies suddenly, she decides to pursue his lifelong dream and journey to the North Pole. Rory packs a rucksack and her father’s ashes for a journey of love, loss, and endless snow. More info here

Folk by Tom Wells at Inis Nua Theatre - Spring 2020
Winnie is a middle-aged Irish nun with a foul mouth and a penchant for Guinness. Stephen is a lonely man caring for his father. And Kayleigh is a pregnant teen on her own. These three misfits forge a deep connection through their love of folk music. More info here

The Misanthrope, adapted by Peter DeLaurier from Molière at Lantern Theater Company - Spring 2020
When everyone loves the wrong person, hearts are going to get broken and polite society upended. Reimagined in modern-day Washington, DC, Molière's classic comedy of manners satirizes idealists, cynics, lovers, and influencers equally. More info here