Photo - Wide Eyed Studios

Photo - Wide Eyed Studios

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The Monster in the Hall by David Greig with Original Music by Jamison Foreman at Inis Nua Theatre (October 3-22, 2018)  
David's Greig's madcap play with music tells the story of 16-year-old Duck, her Hells Angel father, and the day they just need to pretend everything is normal! More info and tickets here.

Director Claire Moyer's splendid Inis Nua production in the cozy Louis Bluver Theatre bubbles over with charm and whimsy while exploring the story's serious themes. 
- Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

Upcoming Projects

Fishskin Trousers by Elizabeth Kuti at Inis Nua Theatre (March 2019)  
Inis Nua's annual Pop-up Play in a Pub features this atmospheric tale of a mysterious man from the sea.  Tickets include a traditional British pie and a pint of beer.  More info here.