Mary Rose

We are held rapt in suspense… This enchanting production, directed with great subtlety and imagination by Claire Moyer.
- Toby Zinman,

Claire Moyer’s brisk production, staged on the grounds of West Philadelphia's Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery… makes marvelous use of the mansion and grounds to fully immerse the audience in Mary Rose’s world.
- Cameron Kelsall,

In order for the play to work it needs a certain weird feel that director Claire Moyer and eight actors provide, seemingly effortlessly and mostly through their timing and quiet, sometimes tense delivery.
- Howard Shapiro, WHYY


Here, with Claire Moyer’s sensitive direction, seven actors take on 35-plus roles with energy and humor...the whole is an appalling, funny, faithful account of Heller’s masterpiece.
- John Timpane, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sometimes it's fair to wonder why novels are so often adapted for the theater. Is it just to capitalize on title recognition? I have no such qualms about Catch-22, Joseph Heller's 1971 stage adaptation of his seminal 1962 novel, crisply directed by Claire Moyer for Curio Theatre Company. The play refreshes the memory of a classic novel many of us were assigned to read years (or decades!) ago and shows how Heller's antiwar themes ring true today.
Mark Cofta,

Curio’s virtues are well-displayed in Catch-22, cleverly designed (scenery by Paul Kuhn, lights by Amanda Jensen, costumes by Victoria Rose Bonito) and directed with brio by Claire Moyer.
- David Fox, Philly Magazine


Swallow is a visceral, exquisitely written, three-person protest/anxiety attack. Perhaps the anxiety attack signifies change. I can not think of a better time than right fucking now to mount this play, given that America is in the middle of it’s own anxiety attack, right? North Korea, what? I refused to analyze this play to death. This is not a play you can or should nail down in review. It’s transcends all attempts at description. So enough of this. Go see it.
- Jessica Foley,

Radiant Vermin

Directed by Claire Moyer, the pace is lightning fast, the sardonic humor never stops, and the cast of three is spot-on hilarious.
- Deb Miller,

Philip Ridley’s Radiant Vermin is an entertaining cautionary tale about the wages of greed and consumerism, imaginatively directed by Claire Moyer.
- Toby Zinman,


Please see the show, beautifully staged by director Claire Moyer at the company’s new home at the Drake. And bring a teenager with you. You’ll have a lot to talk about .
- David Fox,

Under the sensitive, humorous, and perfectly-paced direction of Claire Moyer, Johnson recounts Amy’s story in a tour-de-force first-person monologue, assuming a spot-on working-class English accent and imitating the speech and demeanor of Glenda and the other significant characters in her hard young life.
- Deb Miller,

The Letter of Last Resort

This short play, directed by Claire Moyer, makes a lasting impact as it explores the explosive possibility and repercussions of Britain’s decimation by nuclear force...Served with a drink and some good food, this is a refreshing production of a thought provoking play.
- Lisa Panzer,